ZXTombstone.png, avr. 2023

ZXTombstone - 2019/10/20 - Morroco

Once again, this is a new remake of my favorite game : Tombstone City.
After adapting and porting it to different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Nintendo DS) and several graphics libraries (Allegro, SDL, PA LIB, SFML), I decided to make something special: mixing TI99/4A and ZX Spectrum worlds.
This is now done.

So, this Tombstone City game implementation runs on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer.
I tested it on two emulators (My own version and EightyOne) and of course on a real ZX Spectrum !

S : Left
D : Right
E : Up
X : Down
Y : Fire/Start
P : Pause
0 : Restart
SPACE : Panic

Click on the following link to download the  package: ZXTombstone-2019-20-10.7z

Have fun !