Friday, January 4 2013, 23:35

PSP to Serial adaptor

PSP-2-Serial, janv. 2013

PSP-2-Serial adaptor

The audio-serial PSP port is only 3.3V output level and can not be used directly to a RS232 device.%%%

This adaptor acts as a RS232 level adaptor and provides a 5V voltage to connect some small devices.%%%

PSP2Serial.sch : Schematics (Eagle 5.0.0)
PSP2Serial.brd : PCB (Eagle 5.0.0)
PSP2Serial-Pcb-lower.png : 600dpi 'Solder layer' (lower side)
PSP2Serial-Pcb.png : 600dpi full board
PSP2Serial-Pcb-Sch.png : 150dpi schematics

Just connect the board to the audio PSP port and the sub-9 connector to a RS232 device.

Enjoy !