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Friday, October 1 2010, 06:30

Arduino based thermostat

Here is an "easy to make" Thermostat.
The goal was to replace an existing non working thermostat on a heat accumulation panel. Instead of buying a new one I decided to make my own.

The goal was to use basic electronic parts, to be cheap, fun to make and of course secure.
It is mainly based on a "boarduino" board for the controler, TIL311 led digits for temperature visualisation (very expensive if you do not have some),
a 5V stabilized power supply (NDS lite power bloc) and 1-wire temperature sensor. Power switching is made with a simple BT12-600 triac (with a 2000W load).

There is no PCB. It is up to you to make your own or use a prototype board like me.

The package contains the schematic and the source code (pde).

Have fun ! Buzz

Wednesday, July 21 2010, 15:35

IR Remote control


Here is an easy to build IR remote control.
It could be used at home to control lights, radio or more powerfull things.

This remote control is build arround an IR coded transmiter and an IR receiver powered by its own power supply.

This architecture is based on a PIC16F84 (ou 16F628). I also build another one based on a PIC12C508 (ou 12F509). These two versions are compatibles.
All the informations (PCB, schematics, source code ...) are in the file RemoteCtrlIR-V1.0.tgz (attached).

Enjoy !

Wednesday, July 21 2010, 08:43

Pentax K10D IR remote


Here is an easy to build IR remote dedicated to the Pentax K10D. So, you will be able to take pictures remotely ! The focus is not managed in this version.

This remote as been developped to work with a Pentax K10D but it could work with other cases from the same manufacturer.

All the informations are in the file RemoteK10D-V1.0.tgz (attached).

Enjoy !

Tuesday, April 28 2009, 21:06

Thermometre loggueur


Le but premier de ce projet était de mettre en oeuvre un afficheur graphique de téléphone portable Nokia.

Le montage présenté ici est un petit thermomètre autonome, permettant d'une part d'afficher toutes les secondes deux températures (intérieure et extérieure) et d'autre part, de visualiser sur deux courbes distinctes, les 72 dernières températures, prises toutes les 5 minutes.

Les principales caractéristiques sont :

  • Afficheur graphique 84x48 (LPH7779)
  • PIC 18LF452 en boitier TQFP (pas facile a souder mais tellement plus petit !)
  • Capteurs de température Dallas gérés par protocole 1-Wire
  • Alimentation par deux piles 1.5V
  • Le montage se loge dans une petite boite en plastique contenant a l'origine des vis.

Le package ThermoLog.7z (en annexe) contient le PCB (format Eagle), le typon 600dpi, les sources et projet MPlab pour le Pic.


Wednesday, April 15 2009, 16:00

LED drived in PWM

The object of this source code is to show how to drive 3 leds or 1 RGB led by using the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

The code (attached) has been written for PIC18F452 (@ 4MHz) microcontroler.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, April 15 2009, 15:57

IRDA SIR test routines

This PIC18F452 (@10MHz) source code (attached) shows how to transmit informations in IRDA (SIR mode). It sends in loop the ASCII characters A to Z, spaced out of 500ms.

Enjoy !