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Tuesday, February 18 2014, 11:49

Processing Maze generator

Hi,%%% Here is a simple Maze generator created with the Processing framework.%%% To try it, just click on the following link :%%% [|fr] %%% Clicking on the maze creates a new one.%%% Enjoy,%%% Buzz

Wednesday, September 1 2010, 08:57

EmbGui becomes GfxGui : Much more simple and cleaner than before

This package corresponds to a new version of the EmbGui toolkit. Source code is a little bit cleaner now (but not perfect).

The goal of this toolkit is to provide a set of graphical routines that are independent from the hardware. It can be typically used wherever SDL library is available (PSP, GP2X, ...) and Linux. It can be used to manipulate low level graphics (circles, lines, text, ...) but it can be also used to create more complex GUI (buttons, windows, ...).

Package (attached) contains Makefiles, sources and few examples.

Old picture of what you can do

Have fun !

Friday, April 24 2009, 15:01

Maze generator


This application is used to generate random mazes.
The package (attached) contains the source code. The implementation uses my own graphical library (Gfx).

Friday, April 24 2009, 14:16

Cell identification in an hexagonal mesh


This little application is used to show how to quicly identify a cell in an hexagonal mesh.
The algorythm is only based on line equations which describe thehexagonal mesh. It is fast and simple.

The package (attached) contains source code for 2 different graphical implementations. The first one is made with the Gtk library and the other with my own small library (Gfx).

The "Schemas" directory contains few quick draws to illustrate how it is done.
Enjoy !

Wednesday, April 15 2009, 15:45

EmbGui : Generic graphical toolkit

The goal of this source code (attached) is to implement a set of graphical functions independent from the hardware (Gfx layer). In it, I developped a GUI toolkit leaning on these functions and widgets (buttons, windows, labels, ...).

Of course it's possible to develop an application, test it on Linux and then cross-compil it for another OS/Target. The use on Linux involves the SDL library lay-on.

By default the screen resolution is 240x320 and the colors are encoded in RGB 3-3-2 (3 bits R, 3 bits G, 2 bits B).

Some original primitives implemented

Widgets in example

Enjoy !

Wednesday, April 15 2009, 15:31

Routines for LCD display LM213XB

This source code (see attached) contains a set of basic graphical routines for the LCD LM213, based on the HITACHI HD61830 controler.

The routines are usable on a PC (both on Windows or Linux) and the display is connected to its parallel port.

Furthermore, the routines are usable on a PIC microcontroler (not tested yet).

Enjoy !