This interface allows to connect a digital joystick kind of Atari and/or two analogic paddles. The informations are transmitted both on IR (IRDA SIR mode) and serial (TTL).

For the moment, the interface is rather a "prototype" or a "demonstrator". A little more elaborated version is on progress. The assembly of the two PCB looks like this :


This interface is composed of two parts. One generic PCB (Pic18Proto) equiped with one PIC18F452 microcontroler and one mezzanine PCB on which one joystick, or one or two paddles are plugged (trimmer).

The set in service


All the packages are attached, that is to say :

  • irdajoy-02042009.7z : PCB and schematic of the mezzanine PCB (Eagle 5.0.0 format)
  • irdajoypic-17042009.7z : PIC sources
  • irdajoypsp-16042009.7z : PSP test application (binary & sources FW 1.50)
  • PIC18Proto-06122008.7z : PCB and schematic of the Pic18proto PCB (Eagle 5.0.0 format)

To be continued ...