This application can be seen as a set of functions to "emulate" Basic routines of the TI99/4A and as a collection of original Basic games translated in C language.
To be more precise, this application is a TI99/4A framework (main screen, key & joystick management ...) and a set of C routines that can be used to easily translate Basic listings to C code. So, old Basic programs will survive without the need of using an emulator.

Today, there is no integrated Basic interpretor inside. This is in progress.
The application contains only one game : Texas City. The original game comes from "Hebdogiciel N°61" and has been made by Didier Delansey. It is up to you now to add more.
By default, the resolution is 256x192. The executable can be launched with the -scale option. The resolution will be 512x384.

Everything needed to use the toolkit is given in the README file. Sources and others files are in the ToolkitTI99_26032003.tgz package (attached).

Enjoy !