Friday, July 16 2010, 15:00

Tombstone City for Linux (SDL)

Tombstone city is a game developped in 1981 by Texas Instrusment for the TI99/A4. (see or

This version, updated on 07/17/2010, corresponds to a Linux port of the original DS version TombstoneDS-05222008.
It uses the SDL library and the Gfx layer (homemade). Now, iIt should be much easy to port the game to other platforms.

Keys are :

  • Arrows : Move
  • L-Ctrl : Shoot
  • Tab : Panic button. The player is placed on a safety place but score is cleared !
  • Backspace : Restart the game
  • Enter : Pause / Continue
  • Esc : Quit
  • F1 : Help

The package TombstoneSDL-16072010.tgz (attached) contains source code.
Enjoy !