Here is an "easy to make" Thermostat.
The goal was to replace an existing non working thermostat on a heat accumulation panel. Instead of buying a new one I decided to make my own.

The goal was to use basic electronic parts, to be cheap, fun to make and of course secure.
It is mainly based on a "boarduino" board for the controler, TIL311 led digits for temperature visualisation (very expensive if you do not have some),
a 5V stabilized power supply (NDS lite power bloc) and 1-wire temperature sensor. Power switching is made with a simple BT12-600 triac (with a 2000W load).

There is no PCB. It is up to you to make your own or use a prototype board like me.

The package contains the schematic and the source code (pde).

Have fun ! Buzz