IrdayJoy Arduino based

The IRDAJoy is the ultimate interface used to connect your old-school atari joystick and/or paddles to your PSP handheld console.
The communication between the console and the box is made through an IR link.

Originaly, this interface has been made with a PIC18 microcontroller. Because it is too much complicated to build, my good friend ZX asked me to build a new version with something easier to do.
So, here is the same interface, based on an arduino board.

What you need

  • arduino board,
  • Arduino 0017 toolkit,
  • a prototyping board,
  • an IR led (CQY89 or any compatible IR led),
  • 220 resistor
  • SUB-D 9 pins M
  • 2 paddles and / or one atari joystick
  • few wires
  • a little box,
  • 4xAA 1.2V battery cells + adaptor or 3xAA 1.5V battery cells.

How to build
I did select the boarduino board because it is not expensive, small and fully compatible with other arduino boards.
To get complete infos, follow the link :

Because there is a USB and a serial version, you will probably need a USB-TTL adaptor to program the arduino.

The schematics is very simple. No need to make a real PCB. A prototyping board is nice to use.
You just have to plug wires in the corresponding holes like in the picture.

When wiring is done, open the IrdaJoyArduino.pde file with Arduino 0017 IDE, connect the board to the PC (through a USB-TTL converter if you purchased the boarduino serial version or directly if you get the USB version) then click on the upload button.
The code is compiled and then automaticaly uploaded to the boarduino target. If everything is OK, just put everything into a small box and use it !

I purchased the board and all other parts at

This adaptor is compatible with ZX PSP homebrews. Have a look at :

Enjoy !