Version - 18 July 2011
Warning : The music is pretty lound & noisy. I need to understand why ...

What's that
Tombstone city is a game developped in 1981 by Texas Instrusment for the TI99/A4. (see or

This game corresponds to my own implementation of the original game, ready to run on a Nintendo NDS.

The main used tools are :

  • libnds
  • devkitARM
  • PAlib-070717

What's new
Now integrates music and sounds.

To be able to run this homebrew, you need a linker such as R4, M3, ...
So, copy the TombstoneDS/bin/TombstoneDS.nds binary somewhere in its memory card and run it !


  • X or A : Fire
  • Arrows : Move
  • R or L : Panic button. Put the player on a safety place but score is cleared !
  • Select : Restart the game
  • Start : Pause / Continue

The package TombstoneDS-18072011.tgz (attached) contains source code and the binary.
Enjoy !