Atari 2600 ROM Cartridge, déc. 2012

Atari 2600 ROM Cartridge
This board implements the F8 bank switching method to be used with 8K A2600 ROM files.
An extra two 2-positions dip-switch is used to select a 8K portion of the 32K Eprom.
This board is based on the F8 bankcswitching design : http://www94.pair.com/jsoper/bankswitch_f8.html

A2600-ROM.sch : Schematics (Eagle 5.0.0)
A2600-ROM.brd : PCB (Eagle 5.0.0)

Just 'flash' four 8ko files to the UVProm and plug-in the cartridge into the console.

JP1 :    

  •   1-2 : ROM is Bank-swiched for 8K ROM (F8 method)
  •   2-3 : ROM is not bank-switched. A12 is grounded to GND

S1 :     1 & 2 : Used to select a 8K portion of a 32K ROM (4 slots)

Enjoy !