Tuesday, December 11 2012, 23:02

ColecoVision single ROM Cartridge

ColecoVision single ROM Cartridge, déc. 2012

ColecoVision single ROM Cartridge

This board is made to be used with one ColecoVision ROM file (up to 16Ko).
For the moment, only one file can be stored to the EProm (no bank switching or bank selection).

This PCB corresponds to the remake of my previous version (24/10/2008).

Coleco-Rom-Cart.sch : Schematics (Eagle 5.0.0)
Coleco-Rom-Cart.brd : PCB (Eagle 5.0.0)

Just 'flash' one 2Ko, 4Ko, 8K or 16Ko files to the UVProm and plug-in the cartridge into the console.

Enjoy !