Colecovision-Cms-Pcb.png ColecoVision 31-in-1 SMD
Version : 19/01/2013
This version corresponds to the ColecoVision 31-in-1 Flash Cartridge - 14/01/2013 - FIX 2 with SMD components.

This board is made to store 31 rom files into a single Flash or UVPROM (1M x 8 bits).
To use it, you need a specific 'bootloader' stored at the bank 0 location (first 32k bytes).
All other rom images must be stored into the other 32K bytes banks.

Running the bootloader lets you choose a rom image (between 31 images), switches to the corresponding memory bank and launches the image.

Colecovision-Cms.sch : Schematics (Eagle 5.0.0)
Colecovision-Cms.brd : PCB (Eagle 5.0.0)

ColecoVision-Cms-Pcb-Lower.png : 600dpi 'Solder layer' (lower side)
ColecoVision-Cms-Pcb-Upper.png : 600dpi 'Component layer' (upper side)
ColecoVision-Cms-Pcb-toner.png : 600dpi Printable sides

ColecoVision-Cms-Pcb.png : 600dpi full board
ColecoVision-Cms-Sch.png : 600dpi schematics

Concatenate the bootloader with 31 32K bytes image files to get a 1M byte file then burn it.

For the bootloader, follow the link :
Many thanks to my friend ZX for his help and his very great bootloader !

Any suggestions or comments are welcomed (contact (at)

Enjoy !