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ColecoVision 63-in-1 SMD

Colecovision-TwinCms, janv. 2013

ColecoVision 63-in-1 SMD

Version : 28/01/2013

This board is made to store 63 rom files into a 2 UVPROM (2 x 1M x 8 bits).
To use it, you need a specific 'bootloader' stored at the bank 0 location (first 32k bytes).
All other rom images must be stored into the other 32K bytes banks.

Running the bootloader lets you choose a rom image (between 63 images), switches to the corresponding memory bank and launches the image.

Colecovision-TwinCms.sch : Schematics (Eagle 5.0.0)
Colecovision-TwinCms.brd : PCB (Eagle 5.0.0)

ColecoVision-TwinCms-Lower.png : 600dpi 'Solder layer' (lower side)
ColecoVision-TwinCms-Upper.png : 600dpi 'Component layer' (upper side)
ColecoVision-TwinCms-Toner.png : 600dpi Printable sides

ColecoVision-TwinCms-Pcb.png : 600dpi full board
ColecoVision-TwinCms-Sch.png : 600dpi schematics

Concatenate the bootloader (not delivered yet) with 31 image files (32Ko max) to get a 1M byte file then burn it to the IC3 chip.
Concatenate 32 other image files (32Ko max) to get another 1M byte file then burn it to the IC5 chip.

For the bootloader, follow the link here.
Many thanks to my friend ZX for his help and his very great bootloader ! 

Enjoy !