Pong.jpg, nov. 2016

Pong Renaissance

Version : 06-04-2013

Few months ago, I found a document describing how to build a simple Pong console based on the AY 3-8500 chip.
The main component still exists and is very cheap (6$ on ebay). So, I called a friend of mine to explain the goal of doing our own
PONG console and the "Pong Renaissance" project started.

I would like to thank Bernhard Zeilder for giving me the document and other good informations.

Because the original project is based on prototyping board only, we redrawn the schematics and routed the PCB with Eagle software.

In theory, everything needed to build your own console is included into the package. But, if something is missing or wrong, do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy !