256-in-1, nov. 2016

256-in-1 Cartridge

Version 07/05/2014

Few months ago, I finished a new cartridge for the Atari 2600/7800.

This piece of hardware can be seen as a huge cartridge, containing up to 256 (Atari 2600) games or homebrews. Originaly, this board was made just to show something to users during a retro-gaming day (AC 2014). Because I had only one month to do it before the show, I decided to do something very simple and cheap.

Usage and restrictions

  • This cartridge can handle 2KB and 4KB rom images only (Not banked),
  • Only Atari 2600 rom images are supported,
  • The board can be plugged-in Atari 2600, Atari Jr and Atari 7800,
  • User should select the rom image with the corresponding micro-switch position before power on.

Enjoy !