FFin1-Pcb.png, nov. 2016

FFin1 :Version 30/09/2014


Few weeks after making the 256in1 cartridge, my friend ZX81 and I have decided to do something better.

We have made a new cartridge, containing up to 255 (Atari 2600) games or homebrews

Instead of using micro-switches to select the rom image, a bootloader and associated electronics have been added

The user power-up the console, highlights the game with the joystick and press fire to launch the game


Usage and restrictions

  • This cartridge can handle 2KB and 4KB rom images only (Not banked),
  • Only Atari 2600 rom images are supported,
  • The board can be plugged-in Atari Jr and Atari 7800,
  • Due to the form factor, the cartridge can not be inserted into the Atari 2600 slot without modification,
  • Bootloader must be inserted at the beginning of the ROM.

Warning : The bootloader is not included into the package.

Please go to my friend ZX81 web site to get it <a href="http://zx81.zx81.free.fr">

Have fun  !